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Company Introduction

Shop The Right Wheel Rim For Your Vehicles Here!

Suzhou Bray Automatic Equipment Co. Ltd is an exceptional wheel rim manufacturer of China with world class manufacturing and production facility. Our highly talented team of engineers work day in day out to produce the best quality industrial and off the road wheel rims in China.

What We Offer?

* Solid Tyre Wheel Rim
* Painted Trailer Rims
* Forklift Wheel Rim
* Split Wheel Rim
* Loader Wheel Rim
* Crane Wheel Rim
* Giant OTR Wheel Rim
* Excavator Wheel Rim
* Motor Grader Wheel Rim

Vision and Mission

To sustain and improve company growth and business relations with our clients through constant improvement, providing state of the art products and services, implementing high standards of quality and by providing adequate growth opportunities to our staff.

Above Par Production and Manufacturing Standards

Our high-tech manufacturing plant is capable of manufacturing forklift wheel rim, trailer rims, rims for material handling and several other varieties. We cater to large automotive and industrial businesses all over the globe and have quite a successful business history. We have established ourselves as one of the most trustworthy wheel rim manufacturer through quality, innovation, and customer service.

Suzhou Bray Automatic Equipment Co. Ltd takes pride in being one of the most cautious brands when it comes to wheel rim manufacturing process. Our tires rims go through strict quality checking before they can make out to the roads; this is done using sophisticated, computer aided machines that can detect even microscopic discrepancies in the final product. We guarantee that all our products are free from defects in design, performance, material and craftsmanship.

Cutting Edge Technology – Maximized Results

Suzhou Bray Automatic Equipment Co. Ltd understands the importance of wheels in material handling and logistics. That is why only we encompass such cutting edge technology that ensure ultimate performance, ruggedness, increases the life of tire rubber and easily tolerates outstanding loads while lifting and transporting goods. Our china wheel rim quality is among the best industrial producers in the country. We are a global wheel rim manufacturer and have the partnership with some of the best brands in the world.

Suzhou Bray Automatic Equipment Co. Ltd specializes in crafting custom made forklift wheel rim as well. We understand the diverse needs of logistic companies, storage and distribution houses, local delivery, installation, removal, recycling, decommissioning industries, etc. Therefore, custom and bespoke orders for forklift wheel rim are also entertained as per requirement of the client. Keeping up with the every changing storage and handling needs of our client is also one of our core professional commitments.

Quality That Speaks For Itself

Using the most advanced technology and simulation measures, we can quickly assess our products and eliminate any shortcomings in time. Since so much depends upon the performance of our wheel rims, we make sure that they stand tough against vigorous quality inspections. Our china wheel rim is thoroughly checked for weight, dimensions, smoothness, uniformity and other important metrics. This quality inspection begins right from processing raw materials to the final, finished good ready to be used.

The uniformity of a wheel rim is one of the most important factors on which its durability depends. Uniformity and complete roundness ensure that weight stress is transferred equally to the rim to avoid bending or damage to the tire and provide safe and lifelong operation. Since Forklift Wheel Rim is meant to bear heavy loads, no negligence is considered while manufacturing.

We have the best china wheel rim quality at this time simply because we incorporate the high level of expertise and technology. Our products are being used by some of the busiest and largest companies where material handling, lifting, transportation, logistics and all sort of heavy work is done. With less downtime, maintenance, failures and lower costs on maintenance, our wheel rims simply have outdone others by a great margin.